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Individual hunt for muflons

A big muflon ram is a trophy which deserves to hang on every hunter’s wall! Czech Republic is a well know destination for hunting Europe’s only wild sheep, and the hunting in Czech is ALWAYS in the open countryside. In our districts you can find muflon belonging to all trophy classes.

The hunt usually takes the form of stalking or waiting on one of the towers that have been optimally placed in each district, with regard to the muflon’s behavioural patterns. The hunting season for muflon rams is from August to the end of December.

You will normally go hunting twice a day, in the early morning and evening, but it sometimes occurs that you will hunt all day, virtually without pause. In most cases it will be possible to combine your hunt with hunting for Sika deer, roe deer, wild boar as well as muflon ewes and lambs.

We are proud to offer some very exciting hunting for this wary and alert wild sheep, and our districts can offer a wide range of different trophy quality.

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Individual hunt for Sika deer

Imagine you are standing on a hill top in Czech Republic, while the morning mist is still lying thick on the ground. Suddenly you hear the characteristic whistle of a sika stag and that is the moment you hear your heart!

We can offer this attractive hunt, giving you a chance of shooting a really good stag.

The guinds has a wealth of experience in hunting sika. They will ensure that the hunt is carried out professionally and that our hunters enjoy the best conditions possible. The hunt mainly takes place over large areas on a number of local estates, offering a combined area of circa. 2-3,000 ha.

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