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For hunting in Czech Republic is needed:

Czech hunting licence, Insurance, Hunting Invitation. That is the reason why we need to send with your booking list copies of following documents: Hunting licence from your country, and passport or personal paper. The next step is to fill the booking list with your name, date of birth, passport number or personal number. When we have all necessary documents, our firm submit a Czech hunting licence and insurance for you. . All in all, it takes about 4 weeks to get everything in place before a hunting trip to the Czech Republic.


CIC score - Game Trophy Rating

The interest in finding out which game trophy is the biggest, strongest and look its best is a very old tradition in Central Europe. Nowdays trophies are rated by unitary methods, and marked on CIC scores, which are unique for each type of animal. The game is marked on the absolute score and subjective appearance marks. For example with deer trophies each game is marked by its colour, pearling, antler symmetry etc. The best game trophies are presented at national and international exhibitions with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals awarded by international judges.

GameBronze MedalSilver MedalGold Medal
Red Deer170.00 - 189.99190.00 - 209.99210.00 - over
Jap. Sika Deer225.00 - 239.99240.00 - 254.99255.00 - over
Fellow Deer160.00 - 169.99170.00 - 179.99180.00 - over
Roe Deer105.00 - 114.99115.00 - 129.99130.00 - over
Chamois100.00 - 104.99105.00 - 109.99110.00 - over
Mouflon185.00 - 194.99195.00 - 204.99205.00 - over
Wild Boar110.00 - 114.99115.00 - 119.99120.00 - over


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